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Emergency Care

Automated Crash Carts from Talon can ensure that you’re ready for the next life-threatening emergency.  Modernize your process and save time by integrating our secure access transfer carts to restock crash carts.
Talon Emergency Care

Perioperative Care

Talon offers affordable Anesthesia Carts with the right amount of technology to provide Anesthesiologists with secure yet convenient access to medications during an operation, and support Pharmacy with a reliable way to manage their medication inventory including controlled substances.

Talon Operating Room

Inpatient Care

Talon has engineered a comprehensive product line of medication delivery solutions that is tailored to improve productivity.  Our Automated Dispensing Cabinets, Point-of-Use Medication Cabinets, and Medication Carts integrate into workflows to securely store and to safely administer medications.

Talon Inpatient Room Nurse and Patient

The Full Spectrum of Medication Delivery Equipment

Transfer Carts
Automated Dispensing
Medication Carts
Point-of-Use Cabinets
Anesthesia Carts
Crash Carts
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