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We Have the Experience

We’ve been in the medical industry since 1947 and have had the opportunity to see firsthand how healthcare organizations operate. Over the decades, we recognized a broken system. The process involving pharmacy and nursing dispensing and bringing medicine to patients is often time-consuming, wasteful, and potentially dangerous.

We Understand the issues

With nurse-to-patient ratios decreasing nationally, it’s difficult for nurses to spend enough time with patients. At the same time, pharmacy is trying to maintain safe and accurate delivery of medication but often lose control over their medication inventory that is stored in medication rooms throughout the hospital. If the shared medication delivery process between pharmacy and nursing is not well-designed, then this workflow creates more work for already stressed teams who are in the critical role to care for patients.

We Have the Resources

We saw an opportunity to free up time for nurses and ensure more reliable medication management. After years of consulting with pharmacies, nurses, and clinicians, we developed a flexible line of products that enable safe dispensing, storage, and transport of medicines to fit any healthcare facility workflow. From medication storage in centralized pharmacies and bedside in patient rooms to medication transport from pharmacy to the point-of-care, Talon cabinets and carts optimize workflow efficiencies, medication management, and quality of patient care.

Our Products Bring Measurable Benefits


Nursing Benefits

With Talon, nurses no longer spend 45 minutes per shift verifying medication dispensing accuracy and walking back and forth from patient room to medication room dozens of times a day. Instead, they spend more time at the bedside caring for patients with the assurance they are avoiding making medication mistakes.


Pharmacy Benefits

Talon secure cabinets and carts enable pharmacies to streamline and maintain control of medication inventory, enhance efficiency, and take a more active role in the hospital workflow. Our smart cabinets and carts are MedKey software-enabled, providing facilities the ability to digitally manage medication access while establishing a reliable audit trail.


Our Products Fit Your Specific Needs

One size doesn’t always fit all, so we work with healthcare facilities to choose the best product mix for their organization. We provide all equipment for transporting and storing medication. From mobile carts to cabinets in the patient's room, our smart cabinets and carts include software for secure user access control, audit trails, and central user management, enhancing accessibility and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Who Benefits from Talon Products?


Our mission is to find the right solution for acute care hospitals to optimize their workflows and the patient experience. We recommend a mix of Talon products that are best for every stakeholder to deliver care to patients.


Our products increase workflow efficiency and reduce the risk of medication errors. For children, in particular, increasing nurse direct care time is important. Ensuring medication accuracy and safety is critical.


Talon products help blood centers serve more donors with less effort and risk. Our mobile carting system condenses materials, minimizes space requirements, and eliminates bulky equipment to support a more efficient and safe workflow.

Our Management Team

Talon began as a film x-ray accessories company in 1947. It quickly became a market leader and over the years, has evolved to manufacture products that solve the challenges of today’s healthcare organizations. Our management team is committed to delivering measurable value to our customers, partners, and caregivers across the healthcare industry.

Norm Shoenfeld, MD
President | icon-linkedin

Dr. Norm Shoenfeld joined S&S X-Ray Products, now Talon, in 1992 to focus on improving patient care while adhering to the highest level of integrity and ethical practices. Using his advanced degrees in medicine, electrical engineering, and computer science, Dr. Shoenfeld has helped shape Talon’s innovative solutions to address operational workflow and drug diversion challenges. Aside from work, he enjoys volunteering and spending time with his wife and kids.

Brian Shoenfeld
Senior Vice President | icon-linkedin

Brian joined Talon in 2014 and brought with him a proven track record for project managing, product development, and process improvement. Using his knowledge of STEM, business prowess, and healthcare experience, Brian leads Talon’s operational improvements to create better products and improve customer service. When he’s not in the office, Brian spends time with his wife and two sons, often cheering on Syracuse University athletics.

Learn Which Talon Solution Is Right for You

Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll recommend the ideal mix of Talon products.

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