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A healthcare system for veterans was established in 1865. Today, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and its network of VA hospitals continue to care for our nation’s heroes.

These facilities, located throughout the United States, follow a variety of medication management operating models to transfer medication from the pharmacy to patient rooms.

As an advocate for Lean methodology, Talon examined standard medication management workflows and developed a solution that includes using point-of-use cabinets to improve efficiency and quality of care.

VA Facilities

Typical VA Medication Management Workflow

Talon understands that operating models vary depending on your organization’s unique challenges and aspirations. Since Talon offers the full suite of mobile and stationary medication management products, you can be confident that Talon will partner with you to create a custom workflow solution that truly enables the most effective workflow.

Solutions to Optimize Workflows

Medication typically starts in the pharmacy. Pharmacy technicians place stock medicine into secured transfer carts and deliver them to Automated Dispensing Cabinets in decentralized medication rooms. Nurses must access these rooms every time a patient requires a first dose or a emergency medicine.

Alongside this process, pharmacy technicians stock patient-specific medicine in secured transfer carts and are delivering them to the appropriate BCMA or medication carts that nurses transport from patient room to patient room for medication administration.

Keeping BCMA carts stocked with the appropriate medication is necessary for providing the quality of care veterans deserve. However, this may not be the most effective workflow.


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The Drawbacks of a BCMA Cart System

Inefficient Processes

Staff Conflicts

Bulky/Cumbersome Equipment

The Talon Solution for a Lean Workflow

Pass-thru Cab
Pass-through (Nurse Server) Point-of-Use Cabinet
Pass-through (Nurse Server) Point-of-Use Cabinet
Full Medcab
Automated Dispensing Cabinet
Trans Cart
Transfer Carts
Workstation on Wheels
Medication Cart
Unit-Dose Dispensing Cabinet

Further Improved with Innovative Technology

By adding our MedKey™ and MedKey Lite™ Software to your cabinets, nurses will only have access to the exact medication and dose for the specific patient whose room they’re in. This security paired with the audit trail capabilities in both software platforms is a critical step towards error proofing your medication management workflow.

Additionally, our Medkey platform offers inventory control.

Talon is the only company with this complete hardware and software solution.

Our goal is to reduce risk of medication errors and improve patient outcomes. We want your facility to function more efficiently and for medication to be accurately administered the moment it’s needed.

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