Enabling Efficient Workflow and Better Quality of Care

We do more than manufacture secure medical carts and cabinets. We create solutions. 

Since we were founded over 70 years ago, we’ve been manufacturing products for the healthcare industry. Today, our MedCab and MedCart product lines, as well as our MedKey software, are key components delivering operational solutions in a variety of healthcare facilities.

Through our dedication to quality, innovation, and integrity we’ve been fortunate enough to engage in partnerships with a variety of institutions and businesses at the forefront of the healthcare industry today.

Brian Shoenfeld
Sr. Vice President of Operations

Norm Shoenfeld, MD

Brian and Norm Shoenfeld

Your Solution is Here. Your Solution is Talon.

Whether it’s a controlled access MedCart or MedCab controlled by our proprietary MedKey software, or integrating one of our products into your current system, Talon is committed to providing you with a flexible solution to your operational workflow and drug security challenges.

A solution that puts the control back in your hands. And profit back into your bottom line.


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