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Talon Solutions for Workflow Optimization

Smart Medical Carts and Cabinets

Talon delivers solutions that solve real challenges healthcare organizations face. Our line of products improve operations to increase reliability, decrease costs, and minimize risk.


Solutions for Every Environment

At Talon, we know healthcare organizations vary in who and how they serve. Our product lines are more than a suite of specialty goods. They are solutions that solve specific workflow challenges different organizations encounter every day.

Our goal is to provide solutions to enable healthcare organizations to optimize their resources while delivering the best quality of care.

We continually learn from our customers - what’s important to them, what issues they face, what objectives they’d like to achieve. Once we fully understand their current state, we recommend which mix of Talon products will deliver instant efficiency, reliability, security, and peace of mind.

Who Benefits from our solutions?


Our mission is to find the right solution for acute care hospitals to optimize pharmacy and nursing operations and improve the patient experience. Our line of tech-enabled cabinets and mobile carts eliminate inefficient medication management, giving pharmacies more control over medications and nurses more time to spend with patients.


Our products increase workflow efficiency and reduce the risk of medication errors. Talon brings the pharmacy to the patient's bedside, eliminating the potential for nurses inadvertently selecting the wrong medication or dosage. When it comes to caring for children, no safety effort is too much.


Talon products help blood centers serve more donors with less effort. Our mobile carting system instantly improves efficiencies, saving blood centers as much as an hour per blood drive. No other solution enables faster, safer, or easier set up, breakdown, and transport of donation equipment with fewer resources.

Solutions that Work

At Talon, we discover and promote only the most effective solutions for your particular workflow. Our hardware and software solutions are proven to improve:

  • Safety and Accuracy
  • Operating Costs
  • Quality of Care
  • Risk
  • Employee and patient engagement
Point-of-Use Dispensing Cabinets

Point-of-Use Medication Delivery Solutions

Blood Center Carts

Blood Center Mobile Carting Solution

Thermoplastic Dry Ovens

Radiation Therapy Solutions

Let Talon’s Solution Specialists help your organization upgrade your medication delivery, mobile blood drive, or radiation therapy fixation processes.

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