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Every company entrusted with sensitive information such as HIPAA patient records or tax documents should have a secure file cabinet protected by more than a lock and key.

According to IRS Publication 4557 on media security, every document containing tax information must be stored in a way that controls access.

A lock and key might seem controlled, but in some office environments, keys are left in locks or in plain sight. Without an audit trail for accountability, a lock and key protected file cabinet might not be enough.

For real security, we recommend Talon secure file cabinets.

Technology Fine-Tuned in Healthcare 

For over 70 years, our team has engineered and manufactured medication management solutions for healthcare facilities. These institutions use our carts, cabinets, and software to securely transport medication from the pharmacy to patient rooms while minimizing the risk of drug theft.

We’ve perfected our hardware and software solutions over the years and now offer the same technology trusted by hospitals to companies who need to protection for documents as well.

Talon Secure File Cabinet Features 

Talon secure file cabinets are available in 1-high to 5-high drawer configurations, in either letter or legal widths. A bolt-on USB drawer lock for existing cabinets is also available.

We maximize file protection by offering:

  • Drawers that automatically lock when closed
  • Secure access protocols with user ID’s and password protection
  • Ability to limit access to specific drawers or regions based on security clearance
  • Automatic electronic audit trail
  • Ability to run multiple cabinets off a single PC
  • A choice between Proximity card, RFID, or Bluetooth access
  • Optional inventory control with barcode scanning

Overall, we give you and your clients peace-of-mind that sensitive information is protected by controlling access and providing details on who opened which drawer and accessed which file at what time.

To meet and exceed IRS requirements, Contact Talon. We’ll provide the best file security solution for your needs.

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