Talon Radiation Therapy Solutions

Optimize Your Patient Fixation Operating Model

Our current focus is on optimizing patient fixation so that radiation therapy can be administered efficiently and with greater precision.

Our radiation therapy solutions include thermoplastic dry ovens and vacuum fixation cushions.

Thermoplastic Dry Ovens

Patients undergoing radiation therapy might require the use of a thermoplastic mask or brace to ensure they remain still and in the optimal position for treatment.

Molding these plastics into the appropriate shape is an important task that is efficiently done with a thermoplastic oven.

Unlike water baths that require tending, filling, and run the risk of having contaminants that spread infection, an oven softens thermoplastics to optimal elasticity with safe, dry heat.

The Talon Thermoplastic Oven will quickly, safely, and comfortably warm your thermoplastic material to the proper consistency for molding.

Key features include:

  • Space-saving compact design
  • Non-stick surface
  • Insulated case
  • Digital temperature setting either in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • 3” Touch Display for temperature adjustment
  • Heat circulation, convection principal
  • Outside dimensions: 79cm(31”) x 58cm(23”) x 13cm(6”)
  • Weight app. 21 KG(47LBS)

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Vacuum Fixation Cushions

Vacuum fixation cushions are often used to achieve optimal patient positioning during radiation therapy. These cushions come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and fills to offer the highest number of fixation points for optimal reproducibility.

Talon fixation cushions have a thin plastic foil to reduce the build-up effect, but still remain rigid and comfortable. These cushions are reusable, non-toxic, and provide perfect fixation.

Talon vacuum fixation products include:

Description Filling [Liters]
Vacuum Pump n/a
Pelvic 150 x 100 cm 75
Pelvic 150 x 100 cm 80
Pelvic 150 x 100 cm 85
Cushion 110 x 90 cm 40
Thorax 100 x 100 cm 40
Thorax 100 x 100 cm 45
Thorax 100 x 100 cm 50
Cushion 100 x 100 cm round corners 35
Cushion 100 x 50 cm 15
Cushion 100 x 60 cm 25
Cushion 100 x 70 cm 35
Cushion 100 x 70 cm 40
Description Filling [Liters]
Cushion 100 x 80 cm 20
Cushion 100 x 25 cm 7,5
Cushion 70 x 50 cm 12,5
Cushion 70 x 50 cm 15
Cushion 60 x 80 cm 15
Cushion 60 x 60 cm 15
Cushion 50 x 25 cm 2
Cushion 50 x 25 cm 2,25
Cushion 50 x 25 cm 2,5
Special Wing board cushion 60
Elekta SBF cushion, with two holes 40
Special Mammae cushion 40
Cantilever board cushion 5,5

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