Point-of-Use and Pass-Through Medication Cabinets

Talon Pass-Through Cabinet

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Propel Nursing satisfaction and have patients’ medications available at the bedside with Talon Pass-Through-Cabinets.  The installation of Talon Pass-Through-Cabinets will ensure accuracy of drug administration without countless trips to the medication room. Pharmacy can maximize value of the carousel's and robot's ability to prepare patient-specific medications by complementing this technology with Pass-Through-Cabinets for point-of-use medication dispensing.

Learn how redesigning the medication delivery workflow can drive efficiencies and save significant amounts of time.

Features & Benefits
  • Optimize workflow efficiency for Pharmacy and Nursing
    • Minimize Nursing trips to the medication room
    • Improve Pharmacy control of medication inventory
    • Minimize medication errors
    • Minimize dependency on ADCs
    • Maximize value from Pharmacy carousels and robots
  • Improve Nursing and Pharmacy staff satisfaction
  • Secure and efficient user management via software
  • Keyless entry with manual backup
  • Supports adherence to best practices for medication safety, including controlled substances
  • Power-over-ethernet technology enables quick and convenient installation