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Talon Smart File Cabinets

Secure Storage. Innovative Design. Customizable Configurations.

Secure File Cabinets for Peace of Mind

Every company entrusted with sensitive information such as HIPAA patient records and tax documents is held responsible for securing those documents with controlled access. Most file cabinets come with a simple lock and key, but there is little oversight in how the keys are stored and who has access.

Talon provides innovative, secure file cabinets that include tech-enabled locking systems with a built-in audit trail for accountability. Now, healthcare organizations can have peace of mind that their sensitive documents are as secure as their medications and they are adhering to regulation standards.


File Cabinet Options and Features

Talon software transforms a standard file cabinet to a modern storage solution that ensures security and peace of mind. The most innovative features of Talon file cabinets are the electronic access control and the automatic audit trail.


Controlled Access

Talon file cabinets enable administrators to limit access to specific drawers based on security clearance. No unauthorized personnel are able to access sensitive documents.

Automatic Audit Trail

Our software enables employees to access the drawers with a Proximity card, RFID or Bluetooth using a password, providing an accurate record of who accessed which drawer and when. We also offer optional inventory control with barcode scanning.

Cabinet Options

Talon gives organizations flexibility in how they store their documents. Depending on available space and requirements, facilities may choose from a single drawer to up to 5-high tower drawer configurations in either letter or legal widths. We also provide a bolt-on USB drawer lock for existing cabinets.

Learn Which Talon Solution Is Right for You

Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll recommend the ideal mix of Talon products.

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