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Talon Office Products

Adjustable Desks and Secure File Cabinets

Talon offers organizations in any industry flexible workspace products that improve efficiencies and security while promoting healthy work habits.


Solutions for Every Organization

Talon is best known for its leading line of smart medical carts and cabinets. While we serve many types of healthcare organizations, we also deliver innovative office products. Companies across multiple industries rely on Talon for durable, flexible desks and file cabinets because they trust our quality and attention to detail.

Our goal is to give every organization in any industry the tools they need to optimize workflows to improve quality and productivity.

Just as with our healthcare product line, our office product lines are built around real customer needs. We listen to our customers before we engineer or recommend any product. We want our customers to view our products as solutions to their challenges.

Why Talon?

Talon offers flexibility. Most people have their own preferences on how they work. Our adjustable desks provide users the opportunity to sit and stand during their day for comfort and health without interrupting workflows. Every desk is made to precise specifications that fit how users want their desk to look and operate.

Our secure file cabinets come in a variety of sizes with the option to make them “smart.” Because security is often a top priority for organizations, we provide tech-enabled locking systems on our file cabinets that go way beyond basic lock and key. Electronic access control and audit trails give organizations peace of mind.

Office Products that Deliver

At Talon, we discover and promote only the most effective solutions for your particular workflow. Our line of office products are designed to improve:

  • Efficient work spaces
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Healthy work habits
  • Document security
  • Accountability

Talon Adjustable Desks


Talon Smart File Cabinets

Let Talon’s Solution Specialists help your organization design ideal workspaces built with your end users in mind.

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