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Secure Medication & Medical Supply Management

Healthcare facilities are increasingly in need of secure and operationally efficient medication management solutions.

These solutions require a combination of sophisticated software, medication carts, and cabinets.

Talon strategically partners with select software companies to deliver a complete secure medication and medical supply management solution.

Large automated medication dispensing cabinetYou Focus on Software, Talon will Focus on Hardware

Software development requires specific staffing requirements and an operating model that is uniquely different from the hardware manufacturing business. It can be incredibly challenging for either type of company (software and hardware) to be highly competent in both areas.

Talon has the answer with our OEM partnership program.

Partner with a Turn-key Manufacturing and Engineering Team

If you align strategically with Talon as an OEM partner, you will gain a proven engineering and manufacturing division for your business. Our resources include a 155,000 square foot manufacturing facility that houses:

  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Powder-coat painting
  • Assembly
  • Supply chain
  • Quality assurance
  • Engineering

And once product is sold, there are warranty, servicing, and maintenance related issues.

We allow you to focus on the software component and use our dedication to quality, innovation, and integrity to supply the best hardware for the job.

Talon Product Solutions


Talon manufactures a complete line of durable medication and medical supply cabinets available in standard and premium configurations, ranging in size from full towers and half towers, to a variety of efficient in-room wall mounted options.

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Talon manufactures a complete line of durable medication and medical supply carts available in standard and premium configurations, and capable of functioning with multiple medication dispensing systems.

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