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Talon Showcased at The SCABB Annual Meeting

June 2, 2017 | by Brian Shoenfeld

The Senior Vice President of Talon, Brian Shoenfeld, and Senior National Accounts Manager, Michael Williams, recently participated in the South Central Association of Blood Banks (SCABB) Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

This event brought together around 200 blood center decision-makers, industry professionals, and vendors to promote, foster, and support the exchange of ideas and materials related to blood banking and transfusion medicine.

What is SCABB?

The South Central Association of Blood Banks (SCABB) is a non-profit organization of blood centers in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. Its mission is to provide opportunities for members to enhance their abilities to deliver quality blood services.

Every year SCABB holds a meeting to educate their members and give them access to a variety of useful vendors.

This year was the first time Talon attended, and we proudly showcased our new 10×10 booth as well as our Secure Apheresis Machine (SAM) Cart and Storage Cart offering.

Our Presence at The SCABB Annual Meeting

Talon helps blood centers follow Lean Six Sigma methodologies and has enabled a better workflow for Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. We attended this meeting to share our proven SAM Cart and Storage Cart offering with additional blood centers.

Within the exhibit hall, decision makers could not only view our blood center carts but were able to maneuver them around, test out their features, get an accurate representation of their size, and discuss how they might optimize their current workflow.

Overall, it was an incredibly successful event, and we’re still in communication with multiple companies who were impressed with our offering.

Talon Takeaways

Before the event, we decided to add a power strip to our SAM Cart, and everyone who came to our booth commented on how this new feature would eliminate the need for multiple extension cords and the hazards associated with them.

We also heard praise about our quality control since all designing, engineering, fabricating, powder coating, and assembling is done in-house by our skilled professionals.

Finally, we learned how our storage carts could benefit healthcare facilities that provide transfusions because they feature locking drawers and wheels that enable staff to leave supplies outside of the patient room as a way to prevent cross contamination without the fear of sharps being stolen.

To learn more about how Talon can help your particular blood center, visit our Blood Center Solutions page or Contact a National Accounts Manager Today!

About the Author

Brian Shoenfeld

Brian joined Talon in 2014 and brought with him a proven track record for project managing, product development, and increasing operational efficiency. Using his knowledge of STEM, business prowess, and healthcare experience, Brian leads Talon’s operational improvements to create better products and improved customer service. When he’s not in the office, Brian spends time with his wife and son and cheers on Syracuse.