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Pass-Through Medical Cabinets Improve Quality of Care

December 1, 2016 | by Brian Shoenfeld

You’re in the business of caring for others. The better care your institution provides, the greater reimbursement it receives. So the question is, without increasing staff, how can you improve the quality of care and grow your service?

Easy. You invest in equipment, like our controlled access pass-through medical cabinets, to optimize your care team.

Faster Delivery of Medications

The number one complaint patients have is how long it takes to receive treatment. If you want to improve your quality of care score, you need to speed up the process. This is done by placing a controlled access pass-through medical cabinet in every treatment room, so nurses don’t have to waste time waiting at the pharmacy.  

Because seconds save lives, Talon MedCabs™ are installed in hospitals around the world. Storage is customizable and all come with touchscreen convenience and top-of-the-line security.    

Less Disruptions

Hospital noise is another common complaint patients have. While pass-through medical cabinets can’t do much to fight alarm fatigue, they can help patients relax and recover by reducing foot traffic.

Our pass-through MedCabs™ allow pharmacists to stock inventory without entering the patient’s room. Nurses will make less trip as well, thanks to the accessibility it provides. And both are held accountable because our proprietary MedKey™ software records transactions.

Drug Diversion is Reduced

A drug diversion problem is not only the fastest way to ruin your facilities reputation, but it’s an excellent way to implode your quality of care. Controlled access pass-through medical cabinets ensure medication is accounted for.

Our MedCabs™ are loaded under the watchful eye of a pharmacist and provide an audit trail with the time, date and who accessed the cabinet. This record forces accountability and improves care through the reduction of drug diversion.

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Available Now

With convenience and craftsmanship you can depend on, and controlled access for up to 500 users, pass-through Medcabs™ are a long-term solution for improving the quality of care your institution provides.

To complete your order or learn more, Contact a National Account Manager Today!

About the Author

Brian Shoenfeld

Brian joined Talon in 2014 and brought with him a proven track record for project managing, product development, and increasing operational efficiency. Using his knowledge of STEM, business prowess, and healthcare experience, Brian leads Talon’s operational improvements to create better products and improved customer service. When he’s not in the office, Brian spends time with his wife and two sons and cheers on Syracuse.