MedKey: Controlled Access Software Solutions

Power your Workflows. Minimize Drug Diversion.

Align with your hospital and pharmacy workflows, improve patient care and combat drug diversion with the Talon MedKey software.

MedKey Software Overview:

Our flagship MedKey software, available on select configurations of our MedCab products, offers secure and convenient access to medications and medical supplies.

Talon programs our own software, which enables us to customize functionality to match your facility’s needs and workflow.

The MedKey Main Screen
The MedKey Patient Selection Screen

MedKey Benefits: 

  • Efficient care team workflows
  • Improved patient safety and care
  • Improved drug security
  • Minimized drug diversion
  • Medication identification using barcode scanning ensuring the right medication gets to the right patient every time
  • Approved by JACHO and the FDA for CII medication storage and delivery
  • Health Level 7 (HL7) connectivity available to your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system
  • Designed to interface with your accounting, Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR), patient records, billing and inventory systems.


MedKey Features:

  • Quick, accurate, and easy medication dispensing
  • Automatically record medications dispensed to each patient
  • Restocking
  • Tracking of drug expiration dates for stored medication
  • Emergency Dispense
  • Management of Waste
  • Inventory control
  • Check Audit Trail
  • Reporting for specific patients, inventory value, expiring medications, and restock levels, plus many more. Specific reports can be customized to your unique needs upon request.
  • Entry access via password login, magnetic stripe cards, barcode scans, proximity cards, touch screen, or keypad
  • Link adjacent cabinets allowing you to access multiple cabinets from a single screen
  • Lock or unlock a series of cabinets simultaneously
  • Integrate with a line of medication carts, mobile dispensing cabinets, and in-room cabinets
  • Compatible with Windows PCs, which connect to the medication cabinet via standard USB cabling.
  • Multiple cabinets can be linked together and connect to a single PC.  When using multiple medication cabinets, they will display in MedCare™ as one system or as separate cabinets, depending on your needs.
  • Real-time inventory tracking available with our RFID module (Coming Soon)
  • Entry access via biometrics (Coming Soon)

MedKey Available On:

  • All Automated Dispensing Cabinets

MedKey Lite Software Overview:

Talon also has a Lite version of our flagship MedKey software, which is available on select configurations of our MedCab and MedCart products, offering secure and convenient access to medications and medical supplies.

MedKey Lite Benefits: 

  • Improved patient safety and care
  • Improved drug security
  • Minimized drug diversion
  • Care team accountability
  • Centralized management of one to hundreds of medication carts
  • Approved by JACHO and the FDA for CII medication storage and delivery

MedKey Lite Features:

  • Note: Specific availability of features varies by product model
  • Up to four levels of user access for up to 500 users
  • Upload of user lists
  • Individual locking bins that can only be opened by someone with the proper authorization; only allows one patient bin open at a time
  • Centralized management of 1-100 carts
  • Access reports: 1) who opened the cart, 2) when the carts were opened, 3) which bins/drawers were opened and 4) when the cart was locked
  • Download user list to your carts at the touch of a button
  • Import usage reports from each cart that will allow you to see trends and potential problems
  • Restock and secure all patient medications at once

MedKey Lite Available On:

  • The Premium Plus Large Floor-Mounted Cabinet
  • The Premium Large Floor-Mounted Cabinet
  • All In-Room Cabinets with Electronic Touchscreen Controls
  • Anesthesia Carts with Electronic Touchscreen Controls

Your Solution is Here. Your Solution is Talon.

Whether it’s a controlled access MedCart or MedCab controlled by our proprietary MedKey software, or integrating one of our products into your current system, Talon is committed to providing you with a flexible solution to your operational workflow and drug security challenges.

A solution that puts the control back in your hands. And profit back into your bottom line.