MedCab: Medication and Medical Supply Cabinets

Better Solutions. Better Workflow. Better Care.

Talon manufactures a complete line of durable medication and medical supply cabinets designed to function seamlessly within (and optimize) hospital and pharmacy workflows.

Available in standard and premium configurations, and ranging in size from full towers and half towers, to a variety of efficient in-room wall mounted options, including the following:

  • Uses (Automated Dispensing, Catheter, Nursing Unit Dispensing, In-Room Dispensing)
  • Storage configurations (doors, shelves, bins, drawers)
  • Controlled access mechanisms (key locks, proximity cards, electronic keypads, touchscreen, controlled access software – MedKey or MedKey Lite)
  • Accessories (bin and drawer dividers, bin and drawer labels, PC and monitor shelves, storage bases, wheels, bar code scanner, sonic auto-locking systems)

MedCab Flexible Storage Cabinets

We invite you to browse the MedCab line using the menu system below. Our Account Managers are available via phone and the contact form at the bottom of this page. They can help answer questions and lead you to the best solution for your environment.


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