Talon Radiation Therapy Solutions

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Compassionate, Efficient Patient Care

When caring for patients undergoing radiation therapy, delivering compassionate care is just as important as accuracy. Talon radiation therapy solutions are designed with the patient and healthcare facility in mind, achieving both comfort and reliability.

Thermoplastic Dry Ovens

Thermoplastic Dry Ovens

Quickly, safely and comfortably warm thermoplastic materials to the proper consistency for molding in a space-saving oven.

Key features include:

  • Non-stick surface
  • Insulated case
  • Digital temperature setting
  • 3" touch display for electronic temperature adjustment
  • Convection heat circulation
  • Low maintenance

Vacuum Fixation Cushions

Achieve optimal patient positioning during radiation therapy using cushions customizable to deliver the highest number of fixation points for optimal reproducibility.

Choose from dozens of cushion sizes and filling. Talon vacuum fixation cushions are reusable, non-toxic and provide ideal fixation for all radiation therapies.

Vacuum Fixation Cushions

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