Talon MedCart:

Medication and Medical Supply Carts

Flexible Solutions. Better Workflow. Compassionate Care.

Talon listens. We understand that one cart doesn’t fit all. We designed an entire line of carts to meet the needs of any healthcare facility and optimize any workflow. Our MedCarts are modern, functional, and flexible to meet the demands of today’s facilities. Our MedCart carts are available in standard and premium configurations, capable of functioning with multiple medication dispensing systems.

Talon Anesthesia Carts

Anesthesia Carts

Secure access to anesthesia with carts designed to organize and store everything in one place to help doctors be more efficient and responsive.

Blood Center Carts

Ensure safe and efficient transport of blood center equipment and supplies to reduce effort, resources, and space requirements.

Blood Center Carts
Crash Carts

Crash Carts

Quickly transport life-saving equipment and medication to patient's bedside to efficiently facilitate emergency life support protocols.

Isolation Carts

Separate specific medications and supplies to control the risk of contamination and infection in healthcare facilities among patients and staff.

Talon Isolation Cart
Talon Medication Cart

Medication Carts

Give pharmacy more control over medication management and workflows with a safe, secure way to dispense medication to patients.

Supply Carts

Keep medical supplies organized in mobile carts to increase efficiency in hospitals, emergency rooms, and trauma centers.

Supply Carts
Transfer Carts

Transfer Carts

Safely transfer medications from the pharmacy to patient rooms and care units to improve medication management efficiencies.

Flexible MedCart Carts Customizable for Any Workflow

Medication Storage Cart
Blood Center Carts

Talon offers warranty programs with options to accommodate lifecycle and budgetary needs.

Storage Configurations

  • Doors, bins and/or drawers
  • Movable Shelves
  • Available in various sizes

Controlled-Access Mechanisms

  • Key locks
  • Proximity Cards
  • Electronic keypads
  • Touchscreens
  • MedKey or Med KeyLite Controlled Access Software

Dozens of Accessories, such as:

  • Alternate height drawers
  • Alternate width cassettes
  • Drawer dividers
  • Schedule II drug drawers
  • Key-locking drawer
  • Writing shelf
  • Utility hooks
  • Clipboard holder
  • Glove box holder
  • Catheter container

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