Talon MedCab:

Medication and Medical Supply Cabinets

Flexible Solutions. Better Workflow. Compassionate Care.

We understand one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why Talon manufactures a complete line of durable medication and medical supply cabinets designed to function seamlessly within and optimize various hospital and pharmacy workflows. Our MedCab cabinets are built to meet the modern needs of healthcare facilities and the people who access them. Talon cabinets are available in standard and premium configurations, ranging in sizes from full towers and half towers to a variety of efficient wall-mounted and pass-through options at patient rooms.


Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Give pharmacy more control over medication inventory, support hospital and pharmacy workflows, and prevent the risk of drug diversion.

Catheter Cabinet

Store catheter equipment and supplies in one place with easy access and visibility for more efficient workflows.

Nursing Unit Dispensing Cabinets

Unit-Dose Dispensing Cabinet

Enable pharmacy to control and organize patient-specific medication dispensing with ease, giving nurses access to only the right medications and dosages for every patient.

Point-of-Use Dispensing Cabinets

Deliver compassionate care by bringing pharmacy to the bedside with a cabinet that reduces the risk for mistakes and frees up nurses to spend more time with patients.

Point-of-Use Dispensing Cabinets
Pass Through Cabinets

Pass Through Cabinets

With convenience and craftsmanship you can depend on, and controlled access for users, pass-through MedCabs™ are a long-term solution for improving the quality of care your institution provides.

Flexible MedCab Cabinets Customizable for Any Workflow

Drug-Security-Pass-thru (PWCIR)
MedCab ADC-40in (Half)

Talon offers warranty programs with options to accommodate lifecycle and budgetary needs.

Storage Configurations

  • Doors, bins and/or drawers
  • Movable shelves
  • Available in various sizes

Controlled-Access Mechanisms

  • Key locks
  • Proximity Cards
  • Electronic keypads
  • Touchscreens
  • MedKey or MedKey Lite Controlled Access Software


  • Bin and drawer dividers and labels
  • PC and monitor shelves
  • Storage bases
  • Wheels or fixed legs
  • Barcode scanner
  • Sonic auto-locking systems

Learn Which Talon Solution Is Right for You

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