We offer a full line of healthcare products designed to meet the needs of multiple organizations.


Our mission is to find the right solution for acute care hospitals to optimize their workflows and the patient experience. We recommend a mix of Talon products that are best for every stakeholder to deliver care to patients.


Our products increase workflow efficiency and reduce the risk of medication errors. For children, in particular, increasing nurse direct care time is important. Ensuring medication accuracy and safety is critical.


Talon products help blood centers serve more donors with less effort and risk. Our mobile carting system condenses materials, minimizes space requirements, and eliminates bulky equipment to support a more efficient and safe workflow.

The Talon Difference

Talon healthcare products lead the industry in their reliability and functionality, delivering value on day one. While medical cabinets and carts of the past may still work, they don’t do anything to improve efficiencies, safety, or bedside care. Today’s healthcare organizations need modern equipment to enable pharmacies and nurses to perform at their highest capacities, particularly as nurse-to-patient ratios decrease. Talon discussed current workflows with pharmacies and nurses and learned there was an opportunity to make a real difference.

What resulted is a comprehensive line of smart medical cabinets and carts that are:

Tech Enabled

Tech Enabled

Our MedCab automated dispensing cabinets are equipped with MedKey software, controlling and logging access digitally, while managing medication and supply inventory. All of our other cabinets and MedCarts can be equipped with MedKey Lite software for access control. These technology options help organizations modernize their workflows to improve efficiencies.

Pharmacies now have more control over medication access and nurses are less prone to making errors when dispensing medications to patients. Risk decreases for the patient and the healthcare facility, with an audit trail to enforce standards.


We understand every workflow is different and requires varying equipment configurations, sizes, and functionalities. Our MedCabinets, MedCarts, and Radiation Therapy products give healthcare organizations options, no matter their space limitations, patient needs, or user preferences.

From point-of-care dispensing cabinets to crash carts, Talon products offer the ultimate flexibility. Size, shape, technology, and accessories can all be customized to meet the needs of any healthcare organization and the patients they serve.



Healthcare organizations across the nation are challenged to care for more patients with fewer resources. Talon exists to find efficiencies those organizations can leverage to make gains in workflow performance. Common-sense improvements in medical carts, cabinets, and other medical equipment transform patient care.

Talon products mean nurses can spend more time with patients instead of back and forth trips to medication and supply rooms. Pharmacies have greater control over medication management, ensuring patients receive the right medications and dosages. Healthcare organizations can deliver optimal patient care with current headcount.

Talon MedCab Product Line

Tell us your use case and workflow and we’ll recommend which Talon product or a mix of products will improve efficiencies and patient care. All of our durable medical cabinets have multiple storage configurations, controlled access mechanisms, accessories, and warranty programs.


Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Catheter Cabinets

Unit-Dose Dispensing Cabinet

Point-of-Use Dispensing Cabinets

Pass-Through Cabinets

Talon MedCart Product Line

Talon delivers a medical cart for any healthcare organization and any use case. We purposefully built our carts to withstand any workflow, environment, and demand placed upon them. Whether mobile storage, medical equipment transport, or bedside care, Talon medical carts can be configured to your exact needs.

Anesthesia Carts

Blood Center Carts

Crash Carts

Isolation Carts

Medication Carts

Supply Carts

Transfer Carts


Talon Radiation Therapy Product Line

Radiation therapy is all about precision, often at the sacrifice of comfort. Talon allows organizations to deliver both precision and comfort with reliable products that support compassionate patient care. Now healthcare organizations and patients can have peace of mind their radiation therapy is accurate, dependable, and comfortable.

Radiation Therapy

Thermoplastic Dry Ovens

Vacuum Fixation Cushions

Learn Which Talon Solution Is Right for You

Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll recommend the ideal mix of Talon products.