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A Complete Medication Management Solution

Children’s Hospitals are different from other acute care facilities because of their tight tolerance for high quality of care.

In such a specialized environment, with rising operational costs and the expectation of a high level of care, something as simple as the specific dosage NOT being readily and securely available for a specific patient can have major implications.

To help Children’s Hospitals maximize the quality of care, reduce incidents, and minimize medication waste, Talon engineered the MedCab™ and MedCart™ product offering to deliver a complete medication management solution.

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Our modular approach gives Children’s Hospitals the ability to self-select the medication management products that best align with their operations. In addition, our position as the designer, manufacturer, and ongoing maintenance provider offers reliability through a single point of contact.

The Talon team will spend time understanding your environment and operational requirements, and then recommend products that fit — and even further enhance — your workflow.

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