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Blood Centers Trust Talon

Optimize your Workflows. Improve Margins.

To meet the ever-growing need to improve margins, an increasing number of Blood Centers are evolving to a more efficient Lean operating model.

Talon has created a series of medical carts to align with that model and ultimately help Blood Centers optimize workflow.

Blood Center

How Talon Can Help

The most critical piece of equipment used in the blood collection process is the apheresis machine. This expensive and highly-sensitive piece of equipment separates red blood cells and plasma.

To transport this apheresis machine and related supplies from site-to-site, Blood Centers are often forced to use bulky containers that inefficiently require extra vehicles and employees.

For Blood Centers moving towards a Lean operating model by switching from storage containers to a carting system, Talon has the answer.

Blood Center Products

Blood Center Carts

Secure Apheresis Machine (SAM) Cart

Custom designed to optimize workflow for Blood Center operations through durable and secure transport of apheresis machines.

Blood Center Storage Cart

Custom designed to optimize workflow for Blood Center operations through durable and secure storage carts.

Blood Center Storage Cart

Our Reputation Speaks For Itself

We not only produce our own line of medication carts and cabinets but have been trusted by companies in various industries to manufacture their unique products as well.

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

Michele Walker, LSSYB
Mobile Operations Director
Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

“The Talon Secure Apheresis Machine (SAM) Carts have been critical to streamlining our mobile operations. Since the full implementation of our carting system, we’ve saved an average of 74 minutes per drive in setup and tear-down time, allowing us to serve many more donors. Additionally, condensing materials into the SAM carts minimized space requirements and eliminated bulky cases contributing to a substantial reduction in injuries.”



Wayne George
Sr. Lynx Technology Specialist

“The amount of options that Talon offers regarding customization have truly allowed us to address the needs of our clients fully. Furthermore, it has made it possible for us to expand our business into new markets as a result of the dependability of their products”

OEM Partnership


Dave Renfro
Image Vision

“Talon provides our company with a complete turn-key solution, including engineering, manufacturing, and shipping. We send their Production Department our customer Purchase Orders and their team handles the rest. Our partnership with Talon has helped us remain competitive in the market, and has given us the ability to provide high-quality products to our customers - all within our customer’s deadlines.”

contract manufacturing

Blood Center Expertise

Sigma Blood Center
Talon Helps Blood Centers Follow Lean Six Sigma
Secure Aphaeresis Machine (SAM) Cart
How the SAM MedCart Will Benefit Your Blood Center
Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Case Study

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