Talon Upgrades Point-of-Use Medication Storage Cabinets to Enhance Accessibility and Reduce Cost

Talon is committed to continually improving the value we provide through our products to best serve the needs of acute care facilities, hospitals, and clinics. This year, we rolled out updates to our MedCab™ product line to enhance accessibility and reduce the cost of ownership.

Which Medical Cabinets Were Updated?

The specific cabinets that we updated are:

  • Pass-Through Medication Dispensing Cabinet
  • Recessed Point-of-Use Medication Dispensing Cabinet
  • Point-of-Use Medication Dispensing Cabinet

All three models continue to use our MedKey Lite software for secure user access control, user access audit trails, and central user management.

What Enhancements Were Made to Improve Usability?

Talon is committed to providing high-quality equipment. While already reliable products, we redesigned these cabinets to also included various reliability improvements.

– All pass-through cabinet models now use an RFID proximity card to enhance user accessibility.

– The redesigned cabinets now allow for the use of a single POE (Power Over Ethernet) line into the cabinet, which saves installation cost compared to the previous model that required two POE lines.

– For point-of-use medication dispensing cabinets, we supplemented the LCD touchscreen access control to include RFID proximity card capabilities to improve the user access experience.

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