National Health Care South Conference

National Healthcare South 2018 Conference: How Talon Supports the Latest Trends in Healthcare

What happens when executives, directors, and strategists in the healthcare industry get together for a conference on the latest trends in healthcare? You leave inspired and motivated to continue delivering solutions that hospitals can leverage to provide the highest quality service to their patients.

That was the case for our company after Sr. Client Solutions specialist Matthew Montgomery and I attended the National Healthcare South 2018 Conference on February 27 in Houston.

The conference, which was hosted by Bisnow, brought together key figures from the Texas Medical Center, Memorial Hermann, Texas Children’s Hospital, the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Baylor Scott & White, CHRISTUS Health, and long-term care facilities. Also represented were facility design and construction companies.

Why was it important for the facility design and construction companies to have a voice at the conference? Because they play a vital role in the future of healthcare.

Healthcare Trend: Hospitals Focusing on Shifting Populations

There were two significant takeaways from the conference that tie together. (1) The leaders in acute care are focusing on real estate, design, and construction. (2) This means a significant development in the healthcare space to include architects, designers, and building constructors in the development process.

What’s driving this shift is the hospital systems needing to grow to meet the demand of healthcare in select regions. Hospitals are tracking population shifts to know where new populations will be popping up.

For example, in Houston where Talon is headquartered, Memorial Hermann launched multiple construction projects over the past few years in “some of the fastest growing areas in the region.” Their stated goal for the expansion was to “fulfill its mission of advancing the health of the community.”

During the Healthcare South Conference, executives focused on how to meet the demand of shifting populations, especially when you consider that Baby boomers are aging and will soon be retiring to new areas.

With hospitals focused on building new facilities, executives want to ensure that their facilities are best equipped to serve patients.

Healthcare Trend: Hospitals Incorporating Architects and Designers

Hospitals have learned that facility design and patient satisfaction are tied together. No longer are architects, designers, and construction companies sitting on the sidelines waiting to be called into the game.

The latest trend in healthcare is to incorporate facility design elements throughout the construction process. Executives are asking architects to push back on design ideas and serve as consultants much earlier in the planning phase.

Hospitals are clearly shifting away from trying to shoehorn critical elements such as Point of Use Medication Storage into facilities. Now, hospitals are drafting plans built around storage and dispensing units.

The goal of this operational shift is to create more efficient workflows in hospitals. Nurses will be able to quickly and accurately access medication and spend more time at bedside with their patients, increasing patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Trend: Data Can Support an Operational Shift

Throughout the conference, hospital executives stressed the importance of using data and analytics to make facility design decisions.

Data and analytics are especially valuable to open the eyes of decision-makers and influencers in your acute care facility to make an operational shift to focus on facility design.

The key for your organization is knowing how to find the numbers that support an internal case. That is where Talon can help you find the numbers tied to efficient workflows that increase nurse efficiency and patient satisfaction.

We also support acute care facilities by helping select medication management products such as our MedCab medication and medical supply cabinets that best align with your operation. Our unique position as the designer, manufacturer, and ongoing maintenance provider of our units offers reliability through a single point of contact.

If your hospital is expanding or looking to grow into a new population center, contact Talon through our form or via email at to discuss how we can incorporate our solutions into your facility design. We are prepared to meet the demands of the future of healthcare.

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