Talon Launches New Corporate Website and a Range of Healthcare Solutions

After announcing an update to our company name and brand last year, the team at Talon is excited to launch an updated corporate website. The new website represents the evolution of the company’s strategic focus, with a strong emphasis on solutions that help healthcare organizations optimize their operations.

Specifically, the company is proud to announce a series of healthcare solutions with a proven ROI for:

Our Workflows Are Designed to Deliver ROI

“We spent a lot of time meeting with operational teams at various types of healthcare organizations to gain a deeper understanding for their operational challenges. Our team studied the chain of custody for medications moving from the pharmacy to nursing units to the patient, as well as data about the day-to-day management of blood center operations,” says Brian Shoenfeld, Senior Vice President of Talon.

This is a “Talon Approved” workflow, featuring our patented pass-through cabinets; designed to optimize your workflow and maximize your ROI.

Additionally, Talon is excited about leveraging our research to serve more healthcare facilities.

“We have also developed solutions for Children’s Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities, which we plan to add to our website in the near future,” adds Shoenfeld.

Talon is Your Continuous Improvement Partner

Healthcare facilities today are expected to deliver on challenging business objectives around quality of care, patient satisfaction, and medication safety. Talon works with leadership teams to identify how operational adjustments can help improve these metrics.

We view ourselves as a long-term continuous improvement partner for all of the organizations that we work with. Hear more about that approach in the following video message from Brian Shoenfeld:

Workflow Solutions: Acute Care and VA Facility Products

To deliver solutions, Talon offers a range of medical cart and cabinet solutions that we design and manufacture in-house at our facility in Houston, Texas.

Products are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and form factors (see chart below). Talon is also proud to feature our patented In-Room Dispensing solutions that maximize each nurse’s time spent providing patient care.

Workflow Solutions: Blood Center Products

For Blood Centers searching for ways to minimize expenses and increase productivity, Talon offers two cart solutions proven to deliver ROI.

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