Talon Attends Annual Healthcare Construction Symposium

Brian Shoenfeld, our Senior Vice President, recently attended the Improving Capital Projects event in Phoenix.

The annual event was started by two leaders in the healthcare facilities construction industry who were frustrated by the dysfunctional communication between teams working on capital improvement projects. The event, which is organized like a workshop, is attended by a tight knit community of facility owners and service providers, including general contractors, architects, and engineers who are striving to improve collaboration and effectiveness across project teams.

This year’s symposium featured speakers and hands-on activities designed to help cross-functional teams learn their communication style, and then work together with other attendees to learn how to work effectively with one another’s styles.

“The theme at this year’s conference directly translates to the culture we are continuing to build at Talon – we encourage collaboration. We find this creates an environment that prioritizes an open dialogue that leads to optimal solutions and true partnership with our clients,” says Shoenfeld.

“The hands-on team exercises at the event were very useful and productive because we got the opportunity to work with professionals in other business disciplines who work together on integrated project delivery teams. We got to practice communicating and working together on skills and processes that enabled all of us to be thoughtful about fixing problems.”

It is common practice for most construction/capital projects to begin with the facility owner issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP). In this RFP, the owner outlines the budget, project goals, as well as a listing of the expected requirements, deliverables, and timelines for the bidding vendors.

In today’s environment where healthcare costs, technology innovation, and patient expectations are all moving at rapid speeds, solutions have become so complex. Therefore, skills like communication and collaboration are critical.

“Healthcare organizations are under an enormous amount of pressure to perform, and they need more from their vendors than ever before in order to meet their goals. At Talon, we have a commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration with our customers and project delivery partners. That is a cultural mindset that applies to our knowledge of the market, the quality of our solutions, as well as the skills of our individual employees. We look forward to attending more events like this with a priority on improving our collaboration skills,” finishes Shoenfeld.  

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