Streamline Clinical Workflow with Controlled Access Medical Cabinets

The healthcare ecosystem is unnecessarily hectic. To improve patient care and outcomes in a straightforward and efficient manner, Talon was born.

Focused on quality, innovation, and integrity, our team crafted a line of controlled access medical cabinets. This is the improved workflow you can expect from our MedCab product line.

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Fewer Trips to the Pharmacy

Collecting medication for every patient directly from the pharmacy is an inefficient and dangerous ordeal. Not only does it lead to nursing fatigue, but traveling across the hospital with medication increases the risk of drug diversion.

Try safely storing medication where it’s needed!

Placing our customizable and controlled access MedCabs in patient rooms makes sense. This solution improves workflow by literally eliminating steps which in turn improves productivity and the quality of care provided.

And if you’re worried about cost, our American-built cabinets will pay for themselves through a reduction in drug diversion and expiration as well.

All controlled access medical cabinets are stocked under the watchful eye of a pharmacist and only open with a key or proper credentials. In order to maximize medication delivery and safety, transactions can also be recorded using our proprietary MedKey software.

An End to Manual Tracking

Our MedCabspaired with the MedKey software are capable of performing accurate medication and inventory audits to improve workflow by allowing nurses to skip the step of documenting medication themselves.

Try letting software perform the tedious tasks!

This innovation significantly reduces medication errors while enhancing efficiency. And nurses love being about to focus on patient care instead of paperwork.

No more Inventory Nightmares

Finally, MedCabs with the MedKey software allow hospital executives to maintain proper inventory at all times and curb financial losses caused by dispensing and dosage issues.

When you think controlled access medical cabinets, don’t limit the benefits to security. The real value is the improved workflow which helps patients and bottom lines.

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