Enhanced Medication Management Software with an OEM Partnership

Software and hardware go hand and hand, but each requires a high level of specialized expertise.

As a medication management software company, you create technology for medication carts and cabinets geared towards improving workflows for healthcare facilities.

Adding a hardware engineering and manufacturing division to your business would allow you to offer an all-in-one solution. You would have to, however, recruit engineers and fabricators as well as acquire the space, establish the processes and procedures, and create a customer service entity for post-installation and warranty support.

If you align strategically with Talon as an OEM partner, you’ll receive peace of mind knowing a reliable company with an end-to-end engineering, manufacturing, and support solution for the hardware is in place.

Work Smarter

To bring to market a complete line of products you don’t have to acquire the space and manufacturing equipment. We have a modern manufacturing facility, devoted staff, and quality assurance programs in place to help you complete your offering with ease.

There are also different standards for best practices and operating procedures between a software company and a manufacturing company. So why not alleviate the learning curve by partnering with a company who has been a leader in the healthcare industry since 1947?

Talon has the experience and dedication to quality to enable your need to fully focus on developing new and improved software for healthcare companies.

Get the Resources You Need

You want to partner with an OEM company that makes superior products, like our MedCart™  and MedCab™ product lines and also provides ongoing support and maintenance in a timely and cost effective manner.

Talon has gone through the rigor of acquiring ISO 13485:2003 and 9001:2008 Certifications, meaning our highly skilled workers follow a streamlined manufacturing process for quality control.

We also employ a customer service team experienced in solving any issues that arise, so you can feel confident knowing every aspect of the customer experience with the cart or cabinet hardware is taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

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