How the SAM MedCart™ will Benefit Your Blood Center

Your blood center requires a compact, secure, and cost-effective way to transport your apheresis machines from site-to-site.

Guided by quality, integrity, and innovation, Talon has engineered the perfect solution— the Secure Apheresis Machine medical cart, or SAM MedCart™ for short. Here’s how it will help your blood center reduce cost and increase effectiveness.

Smaller Footprint

Your blood center can improve operational efficiency by switching to vans from the common donation bus. However, this switch can cause problems. In some instances, the apheresis machines and necessary supplies may be unable to fit in smaller vehicles.

Designed and manufactured in the U.S., the SAM MedCart™ boasts a reduced footprint and an ‘all-in-one’ design carefully engineered to enable lean initiatives for blood centers.

The apheresis machine securely sits on top of our medical cart and is covered by a protective metal lid during transportation, while supplies are secured in ample storage drawers below. Once onsite, the metal lid can be lifted off and mounted to the back of the cart, transforming the cart into a mobile apheresis workstation.

Better Protection

The apheresis machines are not only critical for your blood product collection but can also be highly sensitive and expensive. Transporting these machines in various road conditions and having phlebotomists frequently handle these heavy machines can be a nerve-racking ordeal, but Talon has you covered.

To help you protect this expensive investment during transport and use, the SAM MedCart™ is built with a durable outer shell, locking wheels, and a removable metal lid.

The reduced footprint and durability of the SAM MedCart™ doesn’t just protect your machines, it also protects your staff.

Our cart minimizes possible work-related injuries obtained while carrying bulky containers with heavy apheresis machines and necessary supplies because it’s on wheels and is easy to unpack/pack.

This increased protection, maneuverability, and functionality will help improve your workflow so you can collect and deliver more blood.

Greater Stewardship to Equity

The SAM MedCart™ from Talon enables you to change your operational model to align with Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.

Engineered to save you money, this medical cart’s innovative ‘all-in-one design’ and reduced footprint allows it to fit into smaller vehicles which reduces your overhead and the number of full-time employees your operation requires at each mobile blood site.

Simply put, the SAM MedCart™ allows you to help more people for less.

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