3 Reasons Why Talon is Your Preferred Choice for Contract Manufacturing Solutions

In addition to serving the needs of healthcare facilities, Talon provides contract manufacturing solutions to industrial and commercial companies who need a strong partnership to deliver specific portions of the product manufacturing process.

In the same facility where we build cabinets and carts for hospitals and blood centers, we manufacture products and provide other specialized services for companies that lack the skilled labor, facility space, and equipment to deliver a high-quality and cost-efficient solution.

The backbone of our turn-key solution is our commitment to Lean operations concepts. Since implementing this approach to continuous improvement, we have increased the capabilities of our manufacturing process to create more throughput and shorten turnaround times for clients. We believe this separates our company as the preferred choice to provide manufacturing solutions for your company.

Why Talon for Contract Manufacturing Solutions?

To find out more about our contract manufacturing capabilities, I am happy to answer three common questions asked by prospective clients. Consider this your tour of our facility.

Question: What Capabilities and Certifications Does Talon Have?

Answer: Talon is a proud American manufacturer boasting a 155,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. To ensure quality control, Talon holds ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 Certifications.

We can manufacture virtually anything requested by clients to serve their needs through these available services:

  • Design and Engineering Support
  • Production Planning
  • Materials Sourcing
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Powder-coat Painting
  • Finishing
  • Assembly
  • Electrical
  • Quality Assurance
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Shipping Services

To see some of these services in action, watch this brief video.

Q: How Has Talon Improved Efficiency and Turnaround Times?

A: The Lean methodology mindset is more than a label at Talon; it drives every aspect of our company. Since embracing and implementing this methodology, we have increased productivity throughout our manufacturing divisions.

No one is working more hours or cutting corners; we are just more efficient.

Consider the following measurable results for one particular client that we have achieved in our powder-coat painting facility:

  • 275% increase in our daily production.
  • Further enhancements being implemented to deliver an additional 2x increase in daily production.
  • A 3x increase in overall throughput by creating more efficient processes for passing materials and products between each step in the process.

Q: Can Talon Integrate With My Existing Capabilities?

A: The exciting aspect of our contract manufacturing solutions is we can integrate with your company’s existing capabilities to start, build, enhance, finish, or deliver a product.

If you manufacture a product, we can powder-coat paint it. If you need an item inspected, stored, and shipped, we can fill that need.

Alternatively, we can fulfill the entire turn-key process from start to finish. That is how we optimize the manufacturing process for clients to save costs by starting at the beginning of the process.

Why Talon is Your Preferred Choice for Contract Manufacturing Solutions

Whether you operate in healthcare, defense, oil & gas, manufacturing, or retail, Talon has the capabilities to serve your needs.

We are trusted by commercial and industrial companies to manufacture products, integrate with existing capabilities, and deliver on-time and on-spec through our commitment to the Lean methodology.

Let me share a client testimonial with you that captures how our contract manufacturing solutions have helped businesses retain market share and meet their customer’s needs.

“Our partnership with Talon has helped us remain competitive in the market and has given us the ability to provide high-quality products to our customers — all within our customer’s deadlines.” — Dave Renfro, CEO of Image Vision

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your contract manufacturing needs or other services that we can provide. Contact us today to put Talon to work for your company.

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