TPA Conference

Pharmacy Engaged: Report from the 2018 Texas Pharmacy Association Conference

At the 2018 Texas Pharmacy Association (TPA) Conference held in July in the Houston area, the primary message to pharmacists and other pharmacy personnel was the importance of increasing engagement in hospitals.

Pharmacy staff is being encouraged to engage in decisions about health plans, prescription monitoring, compliance, and regulations to play their part supporting the ultimate goal of better serving patients.

Pharmacy Plays a Critical Role Working With Nursing and Physicians

During the 2018 TPA Conference, the speakers at the various sessions stressed the importance of hospitals being cautious with medication management.

However, instead of hospitals relying on the downstream users — nurses — to verify medication, the responsibility is shifting to Pharmacy to take a more active role as the initiators of the flow of medication.

Pharmacy is being empowered to take the time to verify the right medication and dosage, ask the physician questions about the prescriptions being written, and monitor the latest compliance and regulatory issues to ensure the hospital is following protocols.

Because of the current emphasis on compliance in the medical community, Pharmacy is in a position to become more involved in the process. After attending the TPA Conference, pharmacy personnel will return to their roles ready to support an optimized workflow for medicine management.

How Does Talon Support Engaged Pharmacists?

It was important for Talon to attend the TPA Conference to understand the latest challenges for the Pharmacy department in hospitals across Texas, so that we can provide the best solutions to address current needs and future trends.

Our objective is to support Pharmacy and Nursing by optimizing their workflows through our medication storage cabinets and carts. The Talon MedCab™ and MedCart™ product lines enhance the effectiveness of your hospital staff for accurate and timely distribution of medication to patients.

Our solutions provide more control to pharmacy for managing medication inventory, enhance efficiency, and enable Pharmacy to take a more active role in the hospital workflow.

We look forward to following up with many of you who attended the 2018 TPA Conference to capitalize on this momentum for Pharmacy. To have a more in-depth conversation about how our solutions can enhance your operations, contact our team to schedule a meeting.

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