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Medium Transfer Cart with Manual Lock

Improving Acute Care Workflow: Featuring the Talon Transfer Cart

May 25, 2017

There are a myriad of different operational workflows that exist in acute care facilities. Regardless of the operating model, acute care facilities all share a common mission to improve the quality of patient care. They…

Talon Announces Partnership for Delivering Medication Management to Mexico

May 15, 2017

Our proven product lines, extensive manufacturing capabilities, unwavering commitment to quality, and desire to continuously improve are what attracts resellers focused on completing their medication management offering to Talon. Our newest partner, and the most…

Enhanced Medication Management Software with an OEM Partnership

April 19, 2017

Software and hardware go hand and hand, but each requires a high level of specialized expertise. As a medication management software company, you create technology for medication carts and cabinets geared towards improving workflows for…

Need Medication Cart and Cabinet Solutions? You Need Talon.

April 5, 2017

If your hospital or healthcare facility is serious about reducing drug diversion and improving workflow, Talon has the solution for you. We provide innovative medication cart and cabinet solutions designed to make a positive impact…

Medium medication cart

MedCart™: A Key to Protecting a Hospital’s Financial Health

March 23, 2017

You want your facility to provide the highest quality of care at the lowest possible cost. Issues such as drug diversion and drug expiration make this goal challenging because they affect both patient care and…

Large automated medication dispensing cabinet

MedCab™: A Nurse’s Best Friend

February 23, 2017

Nurses are the unsung heroes of the hospital. A product line capable of making their job easier, while boosting the quality-of-care they’re able to provide, is more critical now than ever. As an advocate for…

Sigma Blood Center

Talon Helps Blood Centers Follow Lean Six Sigma

January 19, 2017

Continuous improvement initiatives that reduce expenses, optimize operational workflow, and improve the bottom line are growing in popularity among blood centers. Job postings for Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are on the rise, and major…

How the SAM MedCart™ will Benefit Your Blood Center

January 5, 2017

Your blood center requires a compact, secure, and cost-effective way to transport your apheresis machines from site-to-site. Guided by quality, integrity, and innovation, Talon has engineered the perfect solution— the Secure Apheresis Machine medical cart,…

What Our Rebrand to Talon Means for You

January 3, 2017

You have seen our new website, LinkedIn Profile, and Press Release. You might even be aware that after 70 years of engineering and manufacturing innovative radiology products, S&S X-Ray Products has changed our name, and…

Streamline Clinical Workflow with Controlled Access Medical Cabinets

December 7, 2016

The healthcare ecosystem is unnecessarily hectic. To improve patient care and outcomes in a straightforward and efficient manner, Talon was born. Focused on quality, innovation, and integrity, our team crafted a line of controlled access…

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