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A Reliable Method to Minimize Risk of Medication Errors in Children’s Hospitals

When we talk to the patient care teams at children’s hospitals, one of the common concerns is the risks involved when nurses mistakenly dispense incorrect dosage to patients. We understand why this is important.

There is no margin for error when administering medicine to a child. The difference between the dosage required for a 3-pound newborn in the NICU and a 5-pound infant receiving a heart transplant is tremendous.

To accurately dispense the proper medication and the accurate dosage each time, children’s hospitals need the best systems, efficient workflows and accountability, and a repeatable process. That’s why we developed products that enable medication management solutions to help minimize risk of medication errors in children’s hospitals.

Talon Offers Carts and Cabinets to Manage Your Medication Inventory

To help children’s hospitals manage their medication inventory, Talon engineered the MedCab and MedCart products to align with common medical workflows in children’s hospitals.

We build each of these cabinet and cart products at our facility according to your specifications:

– The MedCab product line integrates with the facility design of your children’s hospital. We offer automated dispensing cabinets, in-room dispensing cabinets, pass-through cabinets, and nursing unit dispensing cabinets.

Each of these cabinets comes in a variety of sizes to meet your specifications. The cabinets include inventory control capabilities and locking mechanisms to ensure proper access.

– The MedCart product line includes durable and customizable carts to be used on the hospital floor. We offer medication carts, supply carts, and transfer carts.

Each of these carts integrates into your hospital workflow to ensure the safe use of medication and the proper dosage each time.

Consider One of Our Preferred Workflows to Prevent Medication Errors

Because of how important it is to dispense medication safely and accurately, our products integrate with a variety of hospital workflows to support your process standards. This ensures that nurses can focus the maximum amount of time to the children in their care.

Consider how our products integrate with a typical children’s hospital workflow to reduce the risk of medication error:

  • Pharmacy technicians stock the transfer cart with medications.
  • A pharmacy tech moves the medication from the transfer cart to the nursing unit.
  • The tech loads inventory directly into a pass-through cabinet from the hallway.
  • Nurses access the correct medication in the right amount in each patient’s room.

This is one of four typical workflows that we can integrate into. The result is high-quality patient care, improved patient satisfaction, and medication safety.

Your Long-Term Continuous Improvement Partner

Talon is uniquely positioned as the designer, manufacturer, and ongoing maintenance provider of our products. This positioning helps us build a reliable method to minimize risk of medication errors in children’s hospitals.

Our team will spend time understanding the environment of your hospital and the operational requirements. Then, we can recommend the right products that fit — and even enhance — your existing workflow.

The result is ensuring that your hospital staff is equipped to serve children who depend on your hospital for the highest quality of care.

Find out why children’s hospitals trust Talon to provide a complete medication management solution. Contact a Client Solutions Representative today to discuss your hospital’s specific needs!

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