Medication Management Solutions: From Pharmacy to Patient Rooms

Healthcare facilities follow a variety of operating models to move medication from the pharmacy to the patient rooms. Different operating models uniquely impact the workflows of pharmacists, pharmacy techs, and nurses, as well as overall efficiency and quality of care.

To uncover and implement a holistic medication management solution that can streamline workflow and benefit your entire organization, talk to Talon.

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Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs) and Point-of-Care (POC) carts are often the most marketed medication management solutions because they’re the only products some major companies sell. However, just because a workflow has these products does not always ensure optimal effectiveness or efficiency. Only using ACDs and POC carts forces nurses to take more trips to the med-room and spend less time caring for patients.

At Talon, we offer a complete line of innovative mobile and stationary medication management solutions, such as In-Room Dispensing Cabinets, to enable Lean initiatives. This allows us to partner with you to prescribe the most effective operating model for your holistic healthcare environment.

Our MedCab™ product line includes Automated Dispensing Cabinets, Nursing Unit Dispensing Cabinets, and In-Room Dispensing Cabinets.

Our MedCart™ product line includes Medication Carts, Supply Carts, and Transfer Carts.

And our innovative MedKey™ software is designed to function with some of our products to further improve efficiency and reduce the risk of drug diversion.

Get Ready for Long-Term Growth

If you partner with Talon, we’ll invest our time and talents collaborating to develop the best possible medication management solution for your facility.

Once the appropriate medication management products are implemented at your facility, we will continue to monitor their performance and provide the level of customer service every client deserves.

Our goal is to be a contributing partner in long-term continuous improvement.

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