Talon Announces Partnership for Delivering Medication Management to Mexico

Our proven product lines, extensive manufacturing capabilities, unwavering commitment to quality, and desire to continuously improve are what attracts resellers focused on completing their medication management offering to Talon.

Our newest partner, and the most recent company to leverage our MedCab and MedCart product lines, is Motion Corp.

Who is Motion Corp?

Motion Corp is one of Mexico’s leading suppliers of pneumatic tubing systems. These tubing systems are similar to those routinely seen in banks, and are also used to transport medication in acute care facilities from the pharmacy to the hospital floor.

Why Did They Choose Talon?

Unlike the United States, most hospitals in Mexico do not have secure medication management solutions outside the pharmacy. Their medications are often stored on open shelves throughout hospital floors and are accessible to anyone passing by. As you can imagine, this increases risks arising from limited inventory control and a lack of protection from drug diversion.

Aligning strategically with Talon allows Motion Corp to expand their product offering such that hospitals can be enabled to implement the best holistic medication management operating model for their facility.

The Talon medication carts and cabinets are engineered to be durable, reliable, and ready to fit into most common operational workflows. The products come in a variety of sizes and configurations, and many include options for user access control, inventory control, and inventory audit trails.

As a complete engineering, manufacturing, and ongoing maintenance solution, we cover all of the bases for Motion Corp and give them a flexible but cost-effective solution for their customers with budget constraints.

Our partnership with Motion Corp will allow them to re-engage with the over 400 hospitals that already have their pneumatic tubing system installed and can benefit from a holistic medication management solution.

We’re excited to help provide much-needed medication management solutions to hospitals in Mexico and look forward to working alongside Motion Corp to improve the quality of care patients receive.

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