The MedKey Main Screen

The Key to Medication Management is Talon MedKey Software

The MedKey Main Screen

Does your current medication management solution provide user access and inventory control, or does it only store medication and require regular auditing?

If you want to optimize your workflow, decrease your drug diversion and drug expiration costs, and improve the quality of care your facility provides, then an Automated Dispensing Cabinet with Talon MedKey Software could be right for you.

Medication Management is Critical

Acute care facilities strive to ensure the correct medication reaches the right patient every time. They follow a variety of workflows to accomplish this task— many of which can be streamlined with the use of Talon MedCart™ and MedCab™ products.

Instead of having your nursing staff run to the pharmacy the moment a medication is required, you can shorten the distance by placing a decentralized and secure medication storage solution near your emergency rooms, operating rooms, and intensive care units. These locations can benefit the most from a nearby automated dispensing cabinet.

MedKey Makes Medication Management Easy

Most acute care facilities use medication management equipment to transport drugs from the pharmacy to decentralized medication rooms and then from medication rooms to patient rooms.

At Talon, our goal is to create an integrated system of innovative medication and inventory control products that significantly improve acute care workflows. A steadfast commitment to quality and integrity has enabled us to craft hardware and software solutions that meet this goal.

Our patented Automated Dispensing Cabinet with MedKey Software:

  • Allows for Health Level 7 (HL7) connectivity to your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system
  • Uses barcode scanning to ensure the right medication gets to the right patient
  • Has electronic user access controls to reduce drug diversion
  • Tracks drug expiration dates to ensure medication effectiveness
  • Automatically record medications dispensed to each patient to eliminate manual reporting errors
  • Interfaces with your accounting, Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR), patient records, billing, and inventory systems

Simply put, using a Talon Automated Dispensing Cabinet with MedKey Software can greatly improve your medication management workflow.

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