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MedCart™: A Key to Protecting a Hospital’s Financial Health

You want your facility to provide the highest quality of care at the lowest possible cost.

Issues such as drug diversion and drug expiration make this goal challenging because they affect both patient care and bottom lines.

To address these critical areas of focus, Talon has developed innovative medication cart solutions engineered to make a difference. Here’s how they help.  

Reduce Drug Diversion

Large medication cartDrug diversion costs hospitals an estimated $25 billion a year in lost inventory, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. Lost inventory is the medication, commonly opioids, stolen or misplaced by hospital staff, medical care teams, and sometimes patients.

Unfortunately, it would be incredibly challenging to completely eliminate drug diversion, but by securing medication in a smarter way, it can be significantly reduced.

Talon designed a solution to help reduce diversion and therefore reduce liability and create cost savings.

The Talon MedCart powered by our MedKey Lite software – which is available in several uses and configurations – is another innovative approach to a fully-customizable solution. Many of our configurations come equipped with separate locking drawers, individual bins, and software that provides an audit trail showing the date, time, and user control features you can trust.

Reduce Equipment Repair and Replacement Costs

Accidents such as running a cart into a wall or tipping it over happen in fast-paced hospital environments, and wear and tear are intensified as a result.

If you purchase products that often break or require replacement every few years to keep up with your needs, then you can reduce long-term costs by investing up-front in a better quality product.

The Talon MedCart product line is crafted in America with extreme attention to detail and the highest quality materials available.

Our controlled-access medication carts feature a large storage capacity in a small footprint and can work with your existing medication management software or our MedKey Lite software.

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Talon is a company focused on protecting the investment our clients have made in us long-term. Through our commitment to quality, innovation, and integrity when you purchase a MedCart, you will have peace of mind knowing it will protect your bottom line for years to come.

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