Large automated medication dispensing cabinet

MedCab™: A Nurse’s Best Friend

Nurses are the unsung heroes of the hospital. A product line capable of making their job easier, while boosting the quality-of-care they’re able to provide, is more critical now than ever.

As an advocate for quality, innovation, and integrity, Talon examined the pain points nurses face and crafted a highly customizable solution to assist them as the trend towards bedside nursing grows.

Meet the MedCab— our line of controlled access medical cabinets and take a look at the benefits they provide.

Better Workflow. Less Hectic.  

Large automated medication dispensing cabinetPutting a controlled access medical cabinet in patient rooms expands a nurse’s ability to spend more time bedside.

Nurses can now access their patient’s medications from the patient’s room, rather than wasting time and energy traveling to the pharmacy or pharmacy outpost. All nurses have to do is electronically enter their credentials on the wall-mounted or pass-thru cabinet to gain access to the patient’s medications.

From automated dispensing and pass-through cabinets to wall, table, and floor-mounted cabinets each with a variety of storage configurations, locking mechanisms, and accessories, there’s a MedCab to make your job easier while keeping medications secure.

Better Protection. Less Drug Diversion.

Drug diversion costs hospitals $25 billion a year on average, but patients risk losing even more.

When care providers or other individuals divert drugs, patients fail to receive the medication or dosage prescribed. Without a medication management system in place, nurses are forced to question who they can trust when this theft occurs.

By using a MedCab with our MedKey or MedKey Lite software, or your existing software, there’s an audit trail showing the date, time, user, and which medication compartment was accessed.   

This partnership of hardware and software enables a more secure and reliable process while helping nurses focus on patient care instead of audit paperwork.

Better Resources. Better Quality-of-Care.

Without the appropriate support equipment, it’s nearly impossible to provide the quality-of-care you’re striving for.

Talon is committed to offering a flexible solution to the workflow and drug security challenges you face, so you can put all of your energy into your patients.

We appreciate the long hours you spend being a hero and have the perfect sidekick for you.

The Talon MedCab™.

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