Senior Client Solutions Specialists

Introducing Our Exceptional Senior Client Solutions Specialists

Talon is excited to announce that we have hired new team members to the critical role of Senior Client Solutions Specialist.

These exceptional specialists will support our company’s mission to serve the needs of our clients, whether by recommending industry-leading medication management equipment or serving as a resource to optimize the medication supply chain.

Both of our new specialists — Janette Thorn and Lisa “Lele” Reid — bring a unique background and perspective to the critical role of supporting clients to achieve efficiency, enable nurses to spend more time at the bedside with patients, and save costs for their hospital or other healthcare facilities.

Meet the New Team Members Serving Your Needs

With our company placing a renewed emphasis on providing value to our customers this year, we recognized the need to find quality people who have in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry, extensive real-world experience, and excellent communication skills.

We believe we found the right individuals to deliver value and help organizations solve real challenges.

Introducing: Janette Thorn

Janette Thorn’s industry experience includes implementing workflow solutions for the past several years. Specifically, Janette is determined to eliminate downstream testing, improve patient outcomes, and help facilities focus on patient care.

Through her clinical experience as an Echo Vascular technician, Janette gained an understanding of the importance of clinical time directly impacting patient care.

Now, Janette is bringing her healthcare experience and patient-driven focus to Talon to help hospitals find solutions to increase direct care for patients.


Introducing: Lisa “Lele” Reid

Before joining Talon, Lisa “Lele” Reid spent several years deep in the trenches helping companies from various industries — including healthcare — develop business solutions to maximize revenue and reduce costs.

We are excited to bring her experience to our team to help clients find the right product or services to solve their issues.

Lele is bringing her solutions-oriented approach to Talon to assist our healthcare customers navigate past the difficult challenges related to cross-departmental workflow improvements.


Talon is Prepared to Help You Find Solutions

We welcomed Janette and Lele to our team because they are aligned with our values and support our mission to be a valued resource for our customers.

Our specialists are prepared to discuss your challenges and work with you to find a solution that fits your needs. Contact Janette and Lele today to get started on using their experience and skills as a resourceful partner.

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