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Today, more Americans than ever have health insurance coverage and are seeking quality treatment. When growing issues like drug diversion, drug expiration, and increased regulations are preventing hospitals from providing the highest quality of care possible, the problem is critical.

Talon Controls has answered the call and engineered a line of built-to-last medical storage and transport products that improve hospital and pharmacy workflows, improve quality of care and decrease costs associated with drug diversion and drug expiration.

The MedCab™

When hospital rooms don’t have controlled access medical cabinets, nurses are forced to wait on a pharmacist for possibly life-saving medications. This running around is detrimental to patients, nurses, and your bottom line.

The MedCab is a customizable and affordable controlled access medical cabinet engineered and built in America to provide the ample storage and security hospitals require.

We offer a full line of cabinets for the following uses:

  • Automated dispensing cabinets, available in four sizes, and offering a variety of drawer and bin configurations, and using our proprietary MedKey software for controlled access.
  • Note: Some automated dispensing models include our proprietary Locking Bin Control (LBC) drawers which provide a patient-centric medication station to ensure the right medication gets to the right patient at the right time, every time. LBC drawers are qualified to store CII narcotics.
  • Catheter cabinets, available in three sizes, and offering a variety of storage and door configurations
  • Floor and Table-Mounted cabinets, available in three sizes, and offering options for electronic keypad and MedKey software access
  • Wall-Mounted and Pass-Thru cabinets, available in three sizes and featuring easy-to-install pass-thru cabinets configuration with a variety of storage customizations

Visit our MedCab product page to learn more.

The MedCart™

When critical alarms are beeping, nurses need to get crash carts to the bedside quickly. In situations where seconds save lives, a broken castor or medical cart without adequate storage can waste precious time. This is where our experience designing cart solutions that align and optimize workflow is a real differentiator!

Talon’s medical carts are built in the U.S.A with the highest level of craftsmanship, to provide peace-of-mind that when seconds matter, your Talon MedCart™ will be ready.

Through innovation, we have turned bulky carts into streamlined, storage-filled, and highly secure masterpieces where what you need is at your fingertips.

From crash carts and transfer carts to medication carts and other specific use carts, our solutions are engineered to make your daily routine easier.

We offer a full line of carts for the following uses:

  • Controlled Access Transfer carts, available in five sizes and offering a variety of locking solutions
  • Anesthesia carts, available in two sizes and offering electronic keypad and touchscreen access solutions
  • Crash carts, available in two sizes and offering a premium lockable point of entry flap
  • Isolation carts, available in two sizes with a durable design
  • Supply carts, available in two sizes with a durable design and electronic keypad access
  • Workstation on Wheels (WOW) carts, available in two sizes with a durable design and accessibility for your existing PC-compatible workstation hardware
  • Secure Alyx Apheresis Machine (SAAM) cart, specifically designed for our Blood Center clients to safely and efficiently transport the Alyx machine to remote blood drives
  • Heavy Duty Supply Transportation carts, available in three sizes with a durable and flexible design to transport hospital equipment, machines, and medical supplies

Visit our MedCart product page to learn more.


To support our line of medical cabinets and carts, we also offer several varieties of our proprietary MedKey software solution.

MedKey software helps to streamline a wide variety of hospital and pharmacy workflows.

Visit our MedKey product page to learn more.

Coming Soon

We are currently developing some new ideas to help further our desire to help hospitals, pharmacies, and blood centers optimize workflows and improve patient care. 

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