Increase Nursing Time with Patients

5 Ways Talon Preferred Workflows Increase Nursing Time with Patients in Children’s Hospitals

The experience for families at children’s hospitals can range from exhilarating and disconcerting. There is excitement over a new birth and anxiety before a sudden procedure. The central figure for both experiences is the nurse who plays a vital role in helping make families whole.

Sometimes, though, nurses in children’s hospitals are unable to provide optimal service because of inefficiencies in the facility and mismanaged time performing tasks below the nurse’s highest level of licensure.

These inefficiencies can result in the incorrect medication or dosage administered to a patient, lower patient satisfaction scores, and rising operational costs for the hospital. There is a solution to address these issues to increase nursing time with patients at your facility.

Consider Talon to Help Increase Nursing Time at the Bedside

We recommend more efficient processes that allow nurses to spend more time at bedside with their patients. Consider how one of our Talon preferred workflows ensures operational efficiency so that your nurses can continue making families whole.

1. Talon Preferred Workflows Allow Nurses to Work at Their Highest Level of Licensure

Families can feel uncomfortable or frustrated if they sense that their child’s assigned nurse is too busy or inattentive, negatively impacting the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

If your nurses are spending too much time with administrative tasks and not enough time at bedside with their patients, consider how Talon can integrate with your hospital’s existing workflow to achieve efficiency.

Our solutions such as pass-through cabinets, point-of-use medication storage units, transfer carts, and automated dispensing cabinets can be incorporated into your existing set-up. We take the time to understand your operational requirements to recommend the best fit that maximizes your nursing staff’s capabilities.

2. Talon Preferred Workflows Minimize Time Spent Locating Medicine

One of the most critical aspects of a children’s hospital is the handling of medicine. Just one mistake with the incorrect medication or incorrect dosage could have major implications.

That’s why one of our preferred workflows in a children’s hospital ensures that nurses do not have to spend valuable time tracking down or verifying medication.

  • Pharmacy techs stock a Transfer Cart with correct medication.
  • A pharmacy tech moves the medication to the nursing unit.
  • The pharmacy tech loads medication into a Pass-Through Cabinet or Point-of-Use Medication Storage unit linked to each’s patient room.
  • Nurses move from room-to-room administering the correct medication to each patient.

3. Talon Preferred Workflows Build Trust With Pharmacy

The key to a successful transfer from the pharmacy to the nursing unit is trust. Our solutions help hospitals improve medication inventory management and create repeatable processes. The result is reducing the risk of incorrect medication handling.

We often hear from children’s hospitals that nurses spend too much time calling the pharmacy to verify medication. This step can be eliminated through an efficient workflow leveraging our solutions.

By establishing trust with the pharmacy, nurses will be able to confidently provide medication to patients and increase nursing time with patients. For your facility, this will reduce the risk of dispensing incorrect medication.

4. Talon Preferred Workflows Allow You To Increase Patients Per Nurse Ratio

Many children’s hospitals are under intense pressure to increase the number of patients per nurse to cut costs and increase profit margins.

Unfortunately, without an efficient workflow, there is risk of creating even more costs for children’s hospitals through medication waste, incidents, and potential legal issues if nurses are not equipped to handle more patients.

With a Talon preferred workflow, you can build repeatable processes into your nursing unit to achieve efficiency. This will allow you to increase the ratio of patients to nurse without sacrificing quality of care and time spent at bedside with children and families.

5. Talon Preferred Workflows Provide Clarity to Nurse Supervisor

The Talon preferred workflows allow children’s hospitals to set baseline procedures. Then, with these standards in place, nurse supervisors can view actual activity compared to expected activity.

This view allows the nurse supervisor to determine whether one nurse is unable to keep up with their current patients or if another nurse is available to take on more patients during a given shift.

The key is understanding what is fixed versus flexible within the workflow. A fixed item in the workflow is delivering the medication correctly and in the correct dosage every time. That is a must.

However, there is flexibility in how many patients each nurse attends to during a shift. By being able to evaluate how each nurse is performing during a given shift, the supervisor can adjust workload to ensure efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Talon Wants to Support More Nursing Time with Patients

In a children’s hospital, nurses are invaluable. Families trust nurses to provide the highest quality of care and facilities rely on nurses to perform at a high level.

Talon wants to support your hospital by reducing waste, inefficiencies, and the risk of incidents. That’s why we developed a complete medication management solution with our MedCab and MedCart product lines.

Our products integrate with your workflow to increase nursing time with patients. While your nurses are helping make children and families whole, we want to complete your hospital. Contact our team today to find out how we can integrate with your facility. You can also learn more about our children’s hospital solutions on our website.

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