How Powder-Coat Painting Helps Your Medical Equipment Last Longer

The medical equipment used in your hospital or facility is vital to providing the highest quality care to your patients.

Because these pieces of equipment are critical to serving the needs of your patients — and represent large investments for your facility — it’s beneficial for all to extend their life, quality, and functionality.

We believe the best way to make your medical equipment last longer is through powder-coating.

Why Use Powder-Coating to Support Your Medical Equipment?

After purchasing essential pieces of medical equipment, you want to protect your investment. You want the equipment to stand the test of time, enhance efficiency in your facility’s operating workflow, and support routine-to-extreme usage.

The application of powder-coating painting will protect your equipment from everyday use and create a durable outer coating to ensure longevity. Scientifically, the powder-coat paint creates an unyielding molecular bond with the exterior of the equipment to protect your machines from wear and tear.

Powder-coat painting also creates resistance to electrical, chemical, and thermal conditions that support each type of medical procedure in your hospital or facility.

Powder-Coat Painting for Electrical Resistance

We understand that the medical equipment used in your facility requires tremendous electrical support. One room alone could have 10-15 critical pieces of medical equipment running at one time to operate on a patient, monitor a patient’s health, or study a patient’s blood.

With so much high-powered electricity running in each location in your facility, you cannot risk your equipment causing an electrical problem. That’s why powder-coat painting your equipment is critical to reduce the risk of electrical issues.

Equipment that has been powder-coat painted is more resistant to electrical charges and reduces the risk of leakage. The tight molecular bond creates a wall of defense that ensures the safe use of multiple pieces of medical equipment in one or many locations.

Powder-Coat Painting for Chemical Resistance

Depending on your facility, you could perform any number of routine or intense medical procedures that require chemicals during the procedure or to clean up after the procedure.

If you do not powder-coat paint your equipment, you run the risk of the equipment wearing down, becoming damaged, or even becoming hazardous for future use.

However, powder-coating will help your equipment become chemical-resistant to ensure prolonged and safe use. Specifically, this type of coating meets the FDA requirement for safe human contact because the powder-coating application is based on a resinous and polymeric system.

Powder-Coat Painting for Thermal Resistance

A third example of powder-coating helping your equipment last longer is making the equipment more resistant to heat and thermal reactions that might occur in your facility.

The application of powder-coating enhances your equipment’s ability to withstand very high temperatures. The industry standard is resistance up to 350 degrees.

Without this application, you risk the equipment warping, burning beyond repair, and losing durability. If you are placing equipment in environments where the equipment will be exposed to extreme heat for a significant length of time, you need to consider powder-coating.

Talon Supports Hospitals and Facilities Achieve Durability and Resistance

Talon understands the importance of extending the life and durability of your medical equipment. In addition to powder-coat painting our own products, we developed an industry-leading powder-coat painting process as part of our Contract Manufacturing Services.

To execute our process, we built a team of proficient painters who are committed to quality and safety powder-coating equipment at our 155,000 square foot U.S. facility.

To provide you with peace of mind that our team will follow industry standards for your powder-coat painting project, Talon holds ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 Certifications that demonstrate our ability to consistently meet regulatory and customer requirements applying powder coat to medical equipment.

Contact our team today to inquire about utilizing our facility’s capabilities for a powder-coat painting project.

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