Drug Diversion: The Seriousness and Solution

Drug Diversion: The Seriousness and Solution

Imagine losing $25 billion a year in inventory, damaged integrity of healthcare providers, and potentially causing harm to patients. That’s the nightmare of drug diversion.

In our previous blog, Drug Diversion: An Epidemic Explained, we provided a simple overview of the topic and are now diving deeper and offering a cost-effective solution.

The Seriousness of Drug Diversion

This multi-victim crime can happen at any facility and be committed by anyone with access to medication or prescriptions.

Harm to Patients

The most dangerous symptoms of this crime affect patients and include:

  • The withholding of medication
  • The spread of diseases through needle sharing
  • Clinical errors caused by impaired healthcare providers

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Impact on Institutions

Aside from maintaining the highest quality of care, healthcare facilities focus on their reputation, bottom line, and following strict regulations. A major drug diversion incident can lead to:

  • Negative publicity
  • The loss of pharmacy license
  • The loss of Medicare/Medicaid payments
  • More regulatory scrutiny

If that isn’t enough, drug diversion crimes also carry fines and fees.

Legal Penalties of Drug Diversion

Punishment varies, but notable cases include:

  • Massachusetts General Hospital being forced to pay a $2.3 million settlement
  • Emory University Hospital Midtown having its license placed on probation for 3 years in addition to a $200,000 fine.

Avoid this fate by improving security from the pharmacy to the bedside with our complete line of controlled access medical storage products.

The Talon Solution

Talon’s complete line of controlled access medical carts, cabinets, and carousels with our proprietary MedKey™ software to document inventory and supply the necessary audit trails puts control back in your hands.

With products engineered to reduce drug diversion and expiration while improving the quality of care, our fully-customizable solution is trusted by healthcare institutions across the globe.

Step 1: Controlled Access Pharmacy Carousels

Drugs begin in the pharmacy so having a secure pharmacy carousel is the first step in reducing diversion.

Our MedWheel™ pharmacy carousel delivers the correct medication and dose requested in six seconds or less while documenting the transaction for security purposes. When connected to our proprietary MedKey™ software, it integrates with your hospital’s billing and inventory systems virtually eliminating the need for medication count backs.

Step 2: Controlled Access Medical Cabinets

Outside of the pharmacy, some of the more common medications are stored in medical cabinets. Drug diversion can happen if these cabinets are broken into or the wrong medication is pulled.

Our MedCab is an innovative and fully-customizable controlled access medical cabinet with separate bins to limit unauthorized access further. They are also engineered and built in America with the highest quality materials to withstand tampering.

Step 3: Controlled Access Medical Carts

Finally, to protect medication as it travels from the pharmacy or medical cabinet to the bedside, you need controlled access medical carts.

Not only does our MedCart secure medication, but it also offers ample and customizable storage with the highest level of craftsmanship and maneuverability.

It’s simple. Talon provides peace-of-mind that every medication is accounted for and accessible when you need it.

To reduce drug diversion and increase the quality of care, Contact Talon Today!

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