Control Medication Access with the Talon MedKey Lite Software

Transferring medication from the pharmacy to the patient room in an efficient and controlled manner often requires the use of various medication carts and cabinets. The primary goal of medication management solutions is to maximize time spent caring for the patient while keeping medications secure and readily accessible to caregivers.

Hardware alone, like our MedCart™ and MedCab™ products, enables workflow improvements that impact efficiency, productiveness, and quality. And when paired with MedKey Lite, our equipment gains the ability to securely store medications and electronically control user access.

How Our User Access Control Software Helps

When all medication is accounted for and accessible by the right staff member where it’s administered, both hospitals and patients experience benefits.

Workflow Is Improved

4-bin door, large pass-thru wall-mounted cabinet

By placing In-Room Dispensing Cabinets with MedKey Lite in patient rooms, nurses spend less time traveling back and forth throughout the day between patient rooms and Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADC) for patient-specific meds.

This solution enables secure and easy access to medication which can dramatically accelerate care delivery. In other words, nurses can spend more time being nurses.

Quality of Care Is Improved

With the proper hardware and software solution in place, your staff can spend more time in the room caring for their patients and less time collecting medications.

The security you would expect from an automated dispensing cabinet at a nursing station or pharmacy is still present in In-Room Dispensing Cabinets with MedKey Lite.  

Our user access control software records the time, date, and employee credentials every time a bin is accessed. It also prevents access to more than one bin at a time.

Drug Diversion Is Reduced

Drug diversion is a serious problem that cost hospitals an average of $25 billion a year. You can reduce these numbers by changing your operating model to securely storing patient-specific medications in In-Room Dispensing Cabinets instead of Automated Dispensing Cabinets. Using In-Room Dispensing Cabinets with MedKey Lite gives administrators the tools to see exactly who accessed which bin and when.

Learn More About MedKey Lite

Medication carts and cabinets provide a baseline level of security, but hardware is just the beginning.

The solution is MedKey Lite. It can control access to most of our patented In-Room Dispensing Cabinets. Specific availability of features varies by product model, but most include:

  • Up to two levels of user access security for up to 500 users
  • Upload of user lists
  • Individual locking bins that can only be opened by someone with the proper authorization; only allows one patient bin open at a time
  • Centralized management of 1-100 units
  • Access reports: 1) who opened the cart, 2) when the carts were opened, 3) which bins/drawers were opened and 4) when the cart was locked
  • Download user list to your carts at the touch of a button
  • Import usage reports from each cart that will allow you to see trends and potential problems
  • Restock and secure all patient medications at once

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