Contract Manufacturing Made Easy with Talon

You don’t have to invest in and manage a facility, expensive equipment, or skilled labor to mass produce your product.

When you make Talon your Contract Manufacturing Partner, you’ll gain a proven engineering and manufacturing division along with end-to-end support. This partnership allows you focus your capital and attention elsewhere, such as optimizing your product design or improving sales.

You Retain the Intellectual Property (IP)

You might be tempted to manufacture your product overseas, but places like China and India don’t always follow U.S. patent laws and may lack rigorous quality control programs and procedures.

Talon, on the other hand, is a Texas-based company who is a certified American small business and is registered as a government contractor in the System for Award Management (SAM). 

We understand and respect the time it’s taken to create your product and will manufacture it with the same quality as if it is our own in-house product offering.

We Build-to-Print with Pride

The Talon team includes onsite engineers, machinists, and assemblers along with production planning, material sourcing, powder-coat painting, assembly, QA inspection, and shipping.

We’ve gone through the rigor of maintaining ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 Certifications and continuously improve our streamlined manufacturing process for quality control.

We can build directly from your original CAD drawings or 3D solid models, produce products in almost any volume, and work with you to deliver only the quantities required when needed.

You Get Peace of Mind

One of the greatest advantages of outsourcing your manufacturing is being able to minimize both risk and overhead costs.

If you’re ready to bring a product to market and need a partner you can trust to meet your specifications and standards, Contact Talon Today!

Learn Which Talon Solution Is Right for You

Tell us what workflow you want to improve and we’ll recommend the ideal mix of Talon medication delivery products.