Medium Transfer Cart with Manual Lock

Improving Acute Care Workflow: Featuring the Talon Transfer Cart

There are a myriad of different operational workflows that exist in acute care facilities. Regardless of the operating model, acute care facilities all share a common mission to improve the quality of patient care.

They also all share a need. A better solution for medication management.

To help improve operational efficiency, Talon has engineered a full spectrum medication management solution that enables better control and enhanced workflow.

One of the featured products that help deliver this solution is the Talon Transfer Cart.

The Value of Transfer Carts

In most acute care facilities, medication originates in the pharmacy and is then transferred to various departments and floors where it is eventually dispensed to patient rooms.

For hospitals with a Talon Solution, this might include storing medication in Automated Dispensing Cabinets and using a variety of controlled-access MedCart™ and MedCab products. For example, many hospitals use our Medication Carts and In-Room Cabinets throughout department floors and in patient rooms.

Regardless of your particular workflow, getting medication from the pharmacy to the patient while keeping valuable medications accounted for, and accessible is a challenge that can be addressed very well with a transfer cart.

Medium Transfer Cart with Manual LockUsing transfer carts within your medication management workflow helps reduce the number of staff who have access to medications and the number of exchanges made between the pharmacy and the patient which in turn helps minimize the risk of drug diversion.

Our thinking didn’t stop there. We also know acute care facilities follow a variety of workflows, so we felt it was necessary to create two transfer cart offerings.

First, we offer Standard Transfer Carts in five sizes with multiple bin configurations, and handles and casters that make our carts durable and long-lasting.

For acute care facilities with advanced needs, our Premium Transfer Carts are available in two sizes with similar features as the Standard configuration. The addition of an electronic keypad enhances the amount of user access and adds an extra layer of security.

Simply put, Talon Transfer Carts are engineered to enable Lean initiatives and streamline workflows by providing acute care facilities with a method for securely, safely, and efficiently transporting medications and supplies from one location to another consistently.

Better Workflow. Built to Last.

Our medication management products, including transfer carts, are engineered, built, and maintained with pride at our 155,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas.

As a way to fit the needs of any acute care facility regardless of their operational model, we offer these products in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Standard Transfer Carts come in five sizes—x-small, small, medium, large, x-large. Each features multiple bin configurations with an electronic bin locking and available key locking mechanism on select sizes.

Premium Transfer Carts come in two sizes—x-small and x-large. Both feature electronic keypad door locks and electronic bin locking for added security and include bin dividers for improved organization.

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