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Talon Automated Dispensing Cabinet

Simplify your Process and Reduce the Risk of Medication Errors

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The Talon Automated Dispensing Cabinet (ADC) allows for secure storage of medications within various inpatient and outpatient healthcare settings. Talon's ADC helps facilitate timely and safe drug administration all while providing a high level of inventory control with drug usage monitoring.

Find out how Talon ADCs can play a vital role in your drug distribution process to improve workflow and increase patient safety.

Features & Benefits
  • HIT system interfacing to ensure a pharmacist verifies orders associated with patient profiles prior to dispensing medications
  • Barcode scanning for accurate medication restocking and dispensing
  • Drawers with individually locking medication compartments for secure access to medications
  • Supports adherence to best practices for medication safety, including controlled substances
  • Modular design enables the right cabinet configuration for your storage needs