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A Complete Medication Management Solution

Acute care facilities rely on staff, medication management solutions, and strictly-enforced workflows to provide patient care.

In this hectic environment, where medications must be accounted for, securely stored, and accessible, something as simple as a nurse having to walk an extra 50 feet to dispense patient medications can have major implications.

To help acute care facilities reduce incidents and improve workflows, Talon engineered the MedCab and MedCart product offering to deliver a complete medication management solution for acute care applications.

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Our modular approach gives acute care facilities the ability to self-select the medication management products that best align with their operations. In addition, our position as the designer, manufacturer, and ongoing maintenance provider offers reliability through a single point of contact.

Acute care facilities are typically segmented into pharmacies, departments, and patient rooms. Each area relies on medication management products to store and deliver critical medication.

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