About Talon

Your Long-term Continuous Improvement Partner

Our company started in 1947 under the name S&S X-Ray Products, and provided the most comprehensive array of x-ray viewers and accessory supplies in the healthcare industry. Thousands of hospitals worldwide use S&S X-Ray products.

In more recent years, as the x-ray industry evolved, we shifted our strategic focus to manufacturing medication chain-of-custody equipment for these same healthcare facilities. We specifically focus on understanding how a healthcare organization operates, so we can recommend solutions that enable an optimized workflow.

Talon Timeline

The Talon Technique

Hear from our Senior Vice President, Brian Shoenfeld, about our approach to providing optimal workflow solutions — The Talon Technique.

The Talon Difference

Talon designs, engineers, and manufactures hardware and software solutions that work together to enable the most effective workflows.

We actively listen to understand your particular workflow objectives and identify how our full spectrum of products and  solutions can be tailored to fit your needs. That’s the Talon Technique!

Our team helps Acute Care facilities, and Long-term Care facilities transport medicine from the pharmacy to patient rooms quickly, accurately, and securely.

We also help Blood Centers improve their mobile collection process through the use of our secure Apheresis Machine (SAM) carts and offer OEM Partnerships to medical software companies.


Solutions Outside of Healthcare

While the healthcare industry is close to our heart, we’re also a contract manufacturing partner who adheres to Lean principles and provides consistent quality to other industries.

Our non-medical products include adjustable desks and smart file cabinets, in addition to multiple Contract Manufacturing partnerships.

Turn-Key Production Services

We operate out of a 155,000 square foot facility in Houston, Texas, and have the talent, equipment, and processes in place to manufacture almost anything.

We are a Certified Small Business and proud American manufacturer who does virtually everything in-house. We have a passion for Lean and a desire to enable long-term continuous improvement for our customers. Talon is ready to make a difference.

Your Solution is Here. Your Solution is Talon.